Beef: The start of a new era...

Janet Murray Claire

As a young boy in the 60's, Murray Baldwin grew up on a cattle farm in Iowa. His Dad was not only a farmer but the local Veterinarian too. His Mom and Dad named their farm "Lazy B Farm." Murray honors their memory with the same name.

Murray lived in Texas, Georgia and through the printing business settled in North Carolina. Also working in North Carolina for a short time was Janet. They were married in 1997 and started their farm where Murray could once again raise his own cattle.

His wife Janet has a degree in Biochemistry and currently works in the drug/device development industry. She uses her business management experience to help with the farm. As Murray says, "She is the brains and the beauty behind Lazy B Farm." Combining Janet's business sense with Murray's "know how" they make a great team!

Cattle are second nature to Murray and have always been a part of his life. It just makes sense to start selling beef to the local community. In 2009 they started selling beef locally in Orange County area but are willing to ship anywhere in the U.S.A.

In addition, just so Murray doesn't get "lazy", he is following in his father's shoes in maintaining a second job as a Real Estate Agent. So Murray can not only sell you a house but the beef to serve for dinner!



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